Hunter Brown

Composer / Improviser / Programmer / Audio Engineer

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I'm a composer, music technologist, improviser, and audio engineer based in Chicago, Illinois. The heart of my work is creating fluid musical spaces by enabling unpredictable and idiosyncratic interactions between human performers and digital media. I'm particularly interested the aesthetics of the hyper-digital, glitch, and sonic extremes within the contexts of electroacoustic and computer music.

My most recent compositional practice is focused on digital sounds generated from audio deterioration, disrupted networks, and fuzzy data. I want the listener to feel as if they are being routed through many reconstructed digital spaces, like being zipped all over the world via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in which various forms of digital exhaust and trash are present. Many of the sounds I work with are generated by provoked failures within commercial audio software systems, low-level audio synthesis, and noise generated from machine learning algorithms.

My more technical computer music work focuses on designing interactive systems using machine listening and machine learning. You can see some of this work and read more in the "Research" section of this website.

I'm currently studying towards a PhD in Music Composition at the University of Chicago. I work as the Technical Director for Ensemble Dal Niente. I'm also a freelance audio engineer specializing in experimental music, contemporary classical music, and remote recording.

Pronouns: he/him/his.

Contact: hunterbrownmusic1 [@] gmail [.] com